Cultures of Participation - Arts, Digital Media and Politics

The international conference in Aarhus, Denmark, 18 - 20 April 2018, organised by Take Part - Research Network on Cultural Participation, Aarhus University.


Over the last decade cultural participation and cultures of participation have received increased (and renewed) attention within different academic disciplines, cultural institutions and societal sectors. To show this variety of perspectives, the conference is organized around three themes:
Theme 1: Participatory art and aesthetics;
Theme 2: Digital media and technology;
Theme 3: Cultural policy and participation.

The organisers invite papers from across broad fields of studies: art and aesthetics, cultural studies, media studies, architecture, design, sociology, political science and anthropology. They also invite contributions from actors working with citizen participation in arts, media and/or politics - e.g., in cultural institutions, media platforms or cultural policy.

Deadline for abstract proposals: 5 January 2018.


For more information, please visit this site

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