The Annual Meeting of River//Cities Platform Foundation's Board, 22 June 2017

On 22 June there was the annual meeting of the Board which took place via Skype according to the following agenda:

1.    Presentation and the approval of the report on  R//C activities in 2016.
2.    Presentation and approval of the financial report for 2016.
3.    New members of the Board approved.
4.    Some changes to the Foundation’s by-laws introduced – the change of the address.
5.    Election of the Head of the Board.
6.    Discussion on the R//C activity plan for 2017/2018.

Klara Kopcinska, Adrian Evans and Tomas Wadner had stepped down as board members. New board members were approved: Anna Ochmann (ARTeria Foundation/Poland), Jekaterina Lavrinec ( and Sara Walsh (Thames Trust/UK).

Iwona Preis (Itercult, Sweden) was unanimously re-elected as the Head of the Board.

It was decided the administration of the network will be supervised by ARTeria based in Zabrze, Poland and thus the Foundation’s headquarters should be registered there. Hence, the changes in the by-laws concerning the address.

The Board agreed that R//C  Activity Plan (August 2017 - 2018) should be presented by the end of July.


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