Beyond the Obvious, 15-17 November 2017, Rome.

Registrations for the Beyond the Obvious conference are now open.

Culture Action Europe’s annual conference, this year is entitled: “Belonging and Becoming: Culture, Heritage and our Future”.

In a world that is rapidly changing, a sense of Belonging to communities, cultures, territories offers a much needed anchor and allows us to remain active players in our environments. Our cultural heritage - both tangible and intangible - links us in Europe. The memories of our joint heritage, which we transmit from one generation to the next, shape many facets of our identities. Yet what impact do these narratives have on European cultural and political identity, on inclusion and openness?

This edition of Beyond the Obvious conference will highlight policy issues at stake. It offers a concrete arena for productive interaction between artists, cultural operators, policy makers and political visionaries, economic and social stakeholders. It also celebrates the launch of the European Year for Cultural Heritage 2018.

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