Baltic Coastal Hiking final conference and official opening of the E9, September 13-14, 2019.


The project's goal was to develop a hiking tourism route along the Baltic Sea coastline in Estonia and Latvia. The route stretches along the Southwest coastline in Latvia, starting from the border with Lithuania through Latvia to Laane county region in Estonia and further to the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. The hiking route is a sustainable tourism product that highlights cultural and natural heritage along the Baltic's beautiful coastline.

Baltic Costal Hiking is a long-distance hiking route, part of E9, along the Baltic Sea coast. The total length of the route is 1,200 km, from which 580 km are in Latvia and 620 km in Estonia. The Latvian name of the trail is J?rtaka, the Estonian – Ranniku Matkarada. The route includes more than 500 natural, cultural and historical objects, it is available to everyone and the 60-day planned itinerary can also be done in parts. Baltic Coastal Hiking route has been completed, it’s being actively used by local hikers and travellers from abroad.

To celebrate the success of the Trail and to share experiences there is a final conference on September the 13th together with a Coastal Hike (~14 km) on September 14, 2019.
You can check the conference and hiking programme on the PDF file.


To learn more about the project check Baltic Coastal Hiking website.

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