Arctic Chamber Music Festival 06-09 Jun 2019.

Arctic Chamber Music Festival is the world's northernmost classical festival made by the world's northernmost orchestra Arctic Philharmonic - featuring classical and contemporary music, dance

and unique  experiences, local food combined with the breathtaking surroundings of the Arctic landscapes.


The Arctic Philharmonic orchestra has a unique and  innovative structure as it’s based in two Norwegian cities, Bodø and Tromsø, and is using  the whole northern region as its arena.

The High North with its stunning nature and history is a strategic fundament for the Arctic Philharmonic. This is reflected in their programming, the marketing and communications.


This is: The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, watch trailer here.


"The orchestra strives to be as raw and real as the surrounding nature, and each musician tries to reach the outer limits of their performance and communication with the audience. Together, they search for the perfect unison. The orchestra presents somwhere around 150 performances and concerts each year, with the orchestra’s musicians alternating between different ensemble formats on a regular basis."


Artic Philharmonic's mission is to give an exceptional experiences that stay with audiences for a lifetime. The contrasts of the cold and the warmth, the nature and the indoor, the wilderness and

the people - will make an impression on everyone. Bringing together art, dance and music of the highest quality, combined with food made with skills and soul - they hope to give visitors an

intense and enjoyable memory.

The first Arctic Chamber Music Festival was organised in February 2018. Surrounded by majestic nature and the mysterious blue light, the audience could experience raw and wild nature of

Longyearbyen and then come inside a warm and cosy environment, taste great local food and enjoy classical music performed by world-class musicians.

This years festival will take place during the Arctic summer. 2019 programme includes: concerts, boat trip concert, breakfast concert, photo exhibition, guitar installation, artists talks, classical fine dining.

For more programme details visit ACMF web page.


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