7th Water Critical Mass, 24 June 2018, Krakow, Poland

This annual event has been held since 2012 under the slogan: The Vistula for All. The goal is to get as many floating vessels on the river as possible and create “the critical mass”. You can take a boat, a kayak or even better build your own raft. You can do it together with us at Debniki boatyard at 8 Szwedzka St. in Krakow. There will be a competition for the most beautiful floating object.

In the programme also workshops for children and concerts as well as performance by Siostry Rzeki (Sisters Rivers) – an informal group of activists protecting Polish rivers.

This year’s edition is organized together with Save the Rivers Coalition. The Coalition brings together over 30 organisations which protect Poland’s rivers, streams and wetlands, as well as scientists, individual persons, local authorities and institutions, for whom the fate of Polish rivers and ecosystems is important. Please find below an excerpt from the Coallition’s declaration:

We hope that our single voice will be better heard and that we can manage to persuade  those in charge to stop degrading Poland’s water resources. We also hope that by acting jointly we can reach a wider audience with our analysis of the local and national problems and draw adequate attention to our suggestions of legal, design or technological change. Unfortunately, for now an outdated approach prevails, which treats water and water-dependent ecosystems as space for exploitation and development. We want to change this because we do not accept a continuation of the harmful model of water management. It is in the best interest of the citizens and the state to leave sufficient room to the rivers and re-create space for natural retention.


Find more on the Save the Rivers Coalition here.

Find more (in Polish) in Water Critical Mass event here.


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