Ondadurto Teatro: 2013 summer plans

Ondadurto Teatro, the R//C partner, is going on tour with 3 different shows in several European countries. They will perform, among others, in Italy, Germany and Austria. The tour started on 7 June at the Wolfsburg Summer Festival in Germany and will finish on FiraTàrrega in Spain on 7 September.


Check the detailed tour programme here.
The following shows can be seen during the tour:

 "C’era una volta" - the new show by Ondadurto Teatro. It is much more than a new play about princesses and heroes. Unknown traces of well-known fairy tales narrated in noire atmosphere, sometimes by "sweet-and-sour" taste. "C’era una volta" is a colourful and enchanting revue. It is also a  multimedia contemporary piece. Avant premiere will take place at Mirabilia Festival 2013 in Fossano, Italy,  on 21-22 June.

"Felliniana"- the tale of a journey, the story of a dream… a dreamlike trip that fascinates the audience. More than 18.000 people enjoyed the show in 2012 ! It had its premiere at the Malta Festival in Poznan, Poland, in 2010.

Visit also the Ondadurto Teatro’s website.

Member in Rome, Italy

Ondadurto Teatro

Ondadurto Teatro Rome, Italy, creates their own shows  in the alternative and unusual spaces - taking theatre productions out of the ‘stone buildings’ into an open air spaces, alongside rivers, into the cloisters, historical squares.

The company proposes their own shows besides into theatres, in alternative representative spaces, taking theatre productions out of "stone buildings". The group is one of the Italian exponent about International Theatre Festivals, organised in open-air, in cloisters, in historical squares, along rivers, in residences.




TEVERETERNO is an international organization, initiated by world-renowned visual artist Kristin Jones in collaboration with an international team of artists and advisors, which produces free cultural events promoting the potential of Rome's Tiber River. Through public programs, educational activities and community development, TEVERETERNO seeks to protect and revitalize the urban waterfront. Encouraging responsible development and the river's ecological health, TEVERETERNO works to restore the historical bond between Tiber and city.

Bringing internationally acclaimed artists to Rome to create evocative, site-specific work that draws attention to the opportunities offered by the Tiber, TEVERETERNO has laid the groundwork for long-term planning and major engagement from sponsors.