Rivers of Opportunities Seminar - Audience development in public spaces- to build and measure 13-16 August 2014, Stockholm

Rivers of Opportunities Seminar - Audience development in public spaces- to build and measure
13-16 August 2014, Stockholm

This meeting is bringing together 10 European organisations - members of River//Cities Platform - with a general aim to share knowledge on practising culture in public places as a way of engaging audiences in new environments.

Stockholm as a host city is a city of water with festivals, events and a great number of cultural organisations working with creating culture events in public spaces.
The issue of our meeting in August is to take a closer look on how to use audience development strategies for this purpose and measure the results. The competences of the project partners will be pooled with competences of people we will meet during the Stockholm Fringe Fest, Stockholm Culture Festival and We are Stockholm festival for young people taking place in Stockholm between 12-17 August. By means of this meeting good practices will be shown and exchanged and cooperation possibilities explored and initiated, between partners as well as invited local participants.

PROGRAMME 13-16 August 2014

Wednesday 13 August
Arrival of participants

19.00 Get together and dinner at Intercult

Thursday 14 August

Boat trip (time to be confirmed)- exploring the waterfronts of Stockholm by the sea!

11.00-12.30 Lunch

Conference "Audience development in public space, to build and measure".
Venue: Stockholm Fringe Fest at Culture House of Stockholm, Studio.
Open to local participants.

Speakers during the day

I3.00 Iwona Preis/ Intercult, Wellcome on behalf of organizers
Agnieszka Wlazel River//Cities, short presentation of the plattform

13.15- 13.30 Adam Potrykus, Festival Director for STOFF World Wide

13.30- 14.00 Jan Ove Hafstad, MD Swedish Music Festivals, presents the results of a unique study of festivals “Music Festivals a Changing World - an international comparison”

14.00- 14.30 Break

14.30- 14.50 Hans Öjmyr, CEO, Stockholm City Museum: Evaluations and Generic Learning Outcomes method used by museum

14.50- 15.10 Lena From, Lijelvalchs & Stockholm Art- the city´s art in public space.

15.10- 15.40 City of Stockholm represented by Roger Ticoalu, Eventmanager, Claes Karlsson, Artistic director, Stockholm Culture Festival and We Are Stockholm

15.40- 16.20 Communications and measurements- to build and measure a festival
Short presentations of culture festivals: Totally Thames London, Donauinselfest Vienna (Austria), United Islands Prague (Czech Republic), Isarinselfest Munich (Germany) and Jafest Åbo (Finland)

16.20 – 16.30 Closing remarks by Chris Torch, Senior Associate at Intercult

Moderator: Iwona Preis, Intercult

17.00 Grand Opening of Stockholm Fringe Festival STOFF with a political cabaret Europa Europa (same room as the conference)

19.30-24.00 VIP- mingle at VIP lounge Stockholm Culture Festival GAT scene at Gustav Adolfs Torg

Friday 15 August
10.00- 12.00 Internal meeting of Rivers of Opportunities

12.00-13.00 Lunch at Intercult

14.00 Guided tour at Stockholm Culture Festival venue,
Claes Karlsson, Festival Director of Stockholm Culture Festival.

Afterwards: exploring festivals on your own.

19.30-24.00 VIP- mingle at VIP lounge Stockholm Culture Festival GAT scene at Gustav Adolfs Torg

Saturday 16 August
Study visits/ activities during the ongoing culture festivals.

19.30-24.00 VIP- mingle at VIP lounge Stockholm Culture Festival GAT scene at Gustav Adolfs Torg.

General information
Participants are welcome to use the VIP pass giving us free access to all activities and shows at Stockholm Fringe Fest.
You are also welcome to act as Mystery Shoppers, members of the STOFF jury for the Stockholm Fringe Prize.

Stockholm Culture Festival
All shows during the Stockholm Culture Festival are free of charge for the public.
Stockholm Culture Festival VIP pass is valid for VIP lounge at GAT scene.
Stockholm Card valid for free boat trips, visit to museums and public transports

Iwona Preis
Intercult, Nytorgsgatan 15, Stockholm- Södermalm.
Green metro line to Medborgarplatsen or Slussen

Organiser: River//Cities Platform Foundation
Co-organiser: Intercult,

With the kind support of:
Stockholm Fringe Fest STOFF
Stockholm Culture Festival
City of Stockholm
Stockholm Business Region

The Grundtvig Programme of the European Commission supports Rivers of Opportunities Learning Partnership.

Stockholm Fringe Fest STOFF

Stockholm Culture Festival 12-17 August 2014
Stockholm Culture Festival fills streets and squares with all kinds of culture in all genres, for all ages. The program goes on during six vibrant August days in the middle of the city centre and with free admission. From Sergels Torg, over Brunkeberg to Gustav Adolfs Torg with treats and samples of all the culture that Stockholm has to offer all year round, with performers and guests from all corners of the world.
Where: Stockholm City, Free admission

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Intercult (IC) is an independent production and resource NGO based in Stockholm, Sweden – and one of the founders of River//Cities.


Operating in Sweden and Europe since 1996, Intercult initiates and leads collaborative culture projects and networks. Having an active interest in national and European cultural policy IC also participate in the development of intercultural and international project competence.


IC share experience through seminars, conferences, lectures and mentorship. Engaging in trans-border cultural projects, IC embraces the challenges of contemporary diversity, voices and expressions. IC works cross-disciplinary and trans-regionally, inviting artists from different disciplines and places to the projects and Basecamps at their venue. IC works with partners from all over Europe, Caucasus and Africa. With 20 projects in-house since 1996 IC has several direct experiences of managing EU and other international culture projects.


From the home base on the south side of Stockholm, IC interacts as a project-based platform, engaging with others on art management and cultural policy development. With artistic expression as a starting point, they focus on the value of intercultural competence aimed at artists, organisers, policymakers and sponsors – creating conditions for the exchange of ideas and models.


The role of culture as a factor for urban development in particular cities confronted with change, harbour cities, industrial areas, river division is an issue that has engaged Intercult for a long time. Some years ago IC developed: BLACK/NORTH SEAS – a 3,5 years multidisciplinary commissioning, producing and touring project linking Black Sea and North Seas artists. (Read more about the Black/North SEAS project:


Two of the current projects are: CORNERS ( or Four Corners of Europe - a long term collaboration between culture organisations in Europe – to promote cultural exchange, collaboration and dissemination of culture in Europe’s smaller cities and suburban areas and ACCESS EUROPA - a platform that gathers members from the Swedish cultural sector aiming to increase their engagement in European projects and collaborations.


Intercult is a partner in a Grundtvig LLP project Rivers of Opportunities 2013-2015 and was also a partner in another Grundtvig funded project Culture for Waterfronts 2011-2013


Read more about Intercult: