Success of Poltva conference in Lviv

Member in Lviv, Ukraine

?Museum of Ideas Lviv, Ukraine is a culturological organisation, which engages in artistic, social and ecological problems, related to the life of city of Lviv. In the last few years our organization conducted various cultural actions devoted to the theme of rescuing the Poltva River.

During the last three? years our organisation conducted the row of culturo-artistic actions devoted to the theme of rescue of the town river regenerate in a sewage collector, in particular:

• Symposium of authorial glass of "SkloKoko 2009", the task of which was to unite people, artists, their efforts and possibilities for an implementation and realisation of "idea of the river" as a cleaning, life-giving, power and informative structure of city.
• Conceptual performance "Under the plate - beach" conducted near Theater of Opera and ballet under which Poltva flows on underground tunnels.
• The city-art installation of Ukrainian artist Alex Konoshenka "Boats on the shore ..."
• Poetry readings ‘Up to the river’ near the monument of Adam Mickiewicz. This monument was built directly on the riverbed of the Poltva


During 2010 realisation of following cultural and art measures took place :

  • International scientific conference  in Lviv, basic tasks of which were :

to absorb experience of Europe in analogical problem

to sharpen this problem in society of Lviv

to define strategy in process on this project

to stipulate the circumstances of announcement of world competition in the best city building idea for revival of Polva river

  •  Holding competition on the best poster   "Rescue  Poltva  river"
  •  Summer musical performance  on the banks of Poltva river (in gas-masks)
  •  Photo-exhibition the "River in a casemate"      
  •  Media  project (placing of the best poster on billboard of city as a social advertising);
  •  Ecological cleaning  on the banks of the river out of city;    
  •  Establishment of (gas) derrick  on Micjkevych  square.

2011-2012 - realisation of international architectural competition on the best idea  of rescue of Poltva river.