Lisbon on the Banks of the Tagus

Between May and September 2010 we had an exhibition in the Monument to the Discoveries about Lisbon Riverbanks. It was called ‘Lisbon on the Banks of the Tagus’. This exhibition, the fruit of a partnership, established between EGEAC/Padrão dos Descobrimentos and Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa/Arquivo Fotográfico, explored the relationship between the city and the river through a constant stream of wonders that nourish the distinctiveness of Lisbon.  


Members in Lisbon, Portugal

EGEAC Management of Facilities and Cultural Animation Enterprise, Lisbon, Portugal

EGEAC is a Lisbon Municipality’s public enterprise. Our main social object is to manage and preserve cultural heritage, as well as Theatres and Cinemas that belong to Lisbon City Hall; production of cultural actions and events, including festivals, shows, Festas de Lisboa (Lisbon Festivities with over 800.000 attendances), street events and other acts of the same nature.
Our main objective, is to be the leader company on the cultural development front of the city.

The main cultural equipments/activities managed by EGEAC are:

Castle of São Jorge:  967.225 visitors
Monument to the Discoveries: 131.775 visitors
Puppet Museum: 28.038 visitors
Fado Museum: 26.692 visitors
Municipal Theatre - Maria Matos : 27.893 visitors
Municipal Theatre - S. Luiz : 51.498 visitors
Cinema - São Jorge: 128.038 visitors
Lisbon Festivities:  over 2.000.000 attendances


Pedro Ressano Garcia, Architect

For the last ten years  Pedro's attention has been focused on researching the transformation of port cities and waterfront regeneration. After Masters and  PhD  his research is carried out at TERCUD – Territory, culture and development research centre. In his work in Lisbon, theory and practice are combined in projects of architecture and urban design.


Lisbon - Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th March 2014

Graduate students from the fields of architecture, planning and landscape will come to Lisbon from various countries. Students and tutors will be organized in groups of six persons to work together for a week in Cascais (near Lisbon). Rivers of Opportunities workshop is held in Lisbon from Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th March 2014. »»

Waterfront Regeneration in Lisbon - 2014

After a period of two years, the redevelopment works of Avenida da Ribeira das Naus are concluded in Lisbon. The new space was inaugurated on the 13th of July by the Mayor of Lisbon, being now possible for residents and visitors to enjoy a new leisure area on the city waterfront. »»

Back on the Banks of the Tagus exhibition

The second edition of the photo exhibition Lisbon on the Banks of the Tagus is on display at the Monument to the Discoveries till 9th September 2012. »»

The project Tagus Platform

The project Tagus Platform raises questions about how to think about the transformation of the city and port. Is it an opportunity for the city to reconnect with the river? Or is it an opportunity to urbanize land adjacent to the port city? »»

Lisbon on the Banks of the Tagus

»» »»

Centenary of the Republic

Organised by ‘Frente Tejo’, integrated in the celebration of the Centenary of the Republic between 01-05 of October (21:00 – 24:00), in Praça do Comércio, Lisbon will be presented with multimedia time travelling trip, simulating some of the great moments that marked the history of the city and Portugal: the earthquake; the birth of Republic; facts of personalities from politics and culture. »»